A deep dive into how the Weesper ecosystem works in practice:

On Weesper, the pricing policy is innovative and based on rewards

Weesper allows the company to decide how much they want to allocate to each hire.

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A way for top-connectors and recruiters to maximize the value of their networks

Weesper is a community for people to refer others to job opportunities.

Ever helped someone get a great job? Weesper believes you should be rewarded for that with more than just good karma!

We are giving recruitment a new face, are you connected enough to help us?

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Catch the "Whispers" of the city’s best connected

Everyday dynamic individuals are meeting interesting skilled people from various backgrounds and industries. Sometimes they pick up "whispers" from those who might be looking for some changes in their careers, and so, words spread.

'Weesper' is a playful twist on the word "whisper". We believe we are facilitators in the connection between the whispers of everyday life and company hiring needs.

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