Weesper is your automated referral platform

Reach trusted candidates through referrals from the city’s best networks

Hire your next talent through the power of crowd-sourcing

Weesper employers recruit faster and cheaper with the help of curated, direct referral candidates

Referral system in a bigger scale all over Hong Kong.

Referrals on a bigger scale

Only receive referrals from trusted people that recommend talents in their networks.

Reliable peer recommendation

Referrals allow you to access passive candidates.

Hook talent before they are available

Receive personal insight on every candidate

Referred candidates are rated.

Every referral includes a skill rating and personal notes to help assessment

1 out of 2 candidates sent by Weesper is shortlisted by the company

Set custom rewards for each job offer

Choose the budget for your hires and give incentives to the community

  • Every job is free to post
  • Flexibly adjust rewards
  • Only pay on success
  • 30-day Grace Period included
Flexible pricing policy.

Instantly reach 1000+ connected people across industries referring the best candidates

Michiel Den Haerynck referrer on the platform.

Michiel Den Haerynck

Digital Marketing
Ashwin Anandani referrer on the platform.

Ashwin Anandani

UI/UX Desgin
Nickey Khemchandani referrer on the platform.


Web Development

Weesper provides access to a diversified taskforce from various backgrounds and expertises, with referrers looking for the perfect candidate to fill your role.

Post beautiful ads in minutes


Challenge the community today to find your next great hire

Companies hiring better have said...

Hiring is a key strategic element for any innovative agency. I have joined Weesper as it aims at reproducing online how our most successful hires have happened, thanks to peer recommendation. So far, all the candidates’ profiles we received have been in line with our missions requirements, which is already a huge win.

Thanks to Weesper and their referral system, we managed to hire a new team member whom we could not have found through traditional recruitment platforms. Tailor-made offering with great follow-up, with the added bonus of a friendly service, we will definitely go through Weesper for our next hire.

Weesper demonstrated a great understanding of the profile we were looking for, the job missions and the DNA of our company. Their innovative solution allowed us to only receive relevant profiles and to understand in a glance the candidate potential. As for us, the very first profile we received from Weesper was the perfect match.

Odoo recruits using Weesper.
Sedona recruits using Weesper.
Ubudu recruits using Weesper.
Gatecoin recruits using Weesper.
Wild recruits using Weesper.
Lalamove recruits using Weesper.
Meltwater recruits using Weesper.

We know you like to ask questions!

How is Weesper different to existing solutions?

We are not a job board, agency or social network.

We aim at reproducing online what happens in daily life. We humanize job boards, digitalize agencies and engage social networks.

How will Weesper save my day?

Because you won’t receive any junk emails, only motivated and relevant applicants (including passive candidates).

On top of that, YOU decide how much it will cost you! ;-)

Why is Weesper cool?

We are innovative, efficient and fun to use. We are bringing a new fresh recruitment experience to candidate and clients.

Enter the future of HRTech.

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