Frequently Wondered Questions

General FAQ

What is Weesper?

Weesper is a network of curated high-quality ‘key referrers’ - people or organisation who cross paths with talented individuals frequently. Weesper connects these key-referrers to potential job opportunities they could help fill for reward based payouts.

What is a Weesperer?

A Weesperer is a referrer - someone who has an interesting network of experienced individuals who could potentially be good candidates. This includes but is not limited to: connected professionals, coordinators of professional networks, chambers of commerce, recruitment agencies, head hunters, training academies, alumni networks and so on. See the map of our referrers.

Can anyone be a referrer?

Everyone can ask… but we are only giving access to the Weesper platform to people who are in regular contact with their network, and people we believe who can make good referrals on Weesper.
We try to ensure the quality of recommendations made on Weesper by selecting only the most relevant Weesperers.

Does the recommendation need to be justified?

Yes, recommending a talent on Weesper is not just simply pushing one’s profile. We ask the referrer to fill in a form stating why the talent would be the perfect fit for this job opportunity. We have worked hard to make this recommendation form easy and quick to fill-in with very accurate questions!

I am a candidate, can I register on Weesper ?

As Weesper is a referral-only hiring platform, we can only accept candidates who came through a job referral or prior endorsement.
Maybe in the future talents will be able to request a recommendation on Weesper. Stay up to date by signing up to our newsletter.

For Weesperers

Is there a screening process to become a referrer on Weesper?

Yes! To ensure the quality of Weesper's networks and referrals made to hiring companies, unfortunately, not everyone can be a Weesperer. Nevertheless, Weesper is not an exclusive gentlemen club only for recruitment professionals! We have two main criteria for potential referrers to become Weesperers:
1. you have an interesting network, you are in regular contact with a lot of interesting people,
2. you are able to assess the quality of their profiles.
If you are not yet a referrer and think you might be qualified to be one, give it a try here!

Why would I refer my connections on Weesper?

Because you can make money from it! And because you believe in your own judgment of candidate referrals. You may also want to make your connections happy and help them to change their lives.
Or if you just want to do a good deed, we can always donate your rewards to the account of your designated charity.

So, I can make money from my referral. But how much?

Yes, you can earn money if your referral candidate is successfully hired.
How much? It really depends... The company decides on how much they want to invest in their recruitment. But, what we can tell you is that it would be valuable money. For some job posting you might also earn a small amount of money if the talent you have referred is shortlisted.

When and how do I get paid once I’ve successfully recommended someone?

If your talent is hired, you will receive the payment from Weesper as soon as we have received the payment from the hiring company. The hiring company will have a 30-day grace period before payment is due.

Do the companies know the recommendation is coming from me?

Yes of course. This is why the company will have confidence in the recommendation you make, so we will make sure your profile is properly displayed on Weesper. That’s also why the more information you provide, the stronger is your recommendation! So, make sure your profile is complete.

Do I need to present the candidate to the company?

No, once you’ve made the referral on Weesper, your work is done! Weesper will follow through the recruitment process and keep you informed at each stage until the final hiring decision.
Relax, we are on it!

How do I make sure the client does not hire my referral without paying the reward to me?

Weesper will do the due diligence for you! There is an account manager dedicated to each company to ensure this doesn’t happen. At Weesper, we do our best to maintain close and long lasting relationships with all our clients.

Can I recommend more than one candidate to the same job opportunity?

Yes, you can…. but only recommend people if you truly believe that their profile matches the job requirements. If you are randomly recommending people, it will have an impact on your reputation.

Can I recommend the same candidate on several job opportunities?

Yes, you can! Lucky him or her! Once again just make sure the match is accurate and relevant. An inappropriate recommendation will have an impact on your profile.

How can I check the application status of my recommended candidates?

On your Weesper dashboard! We will also notify you by email at each step of the recruitment process.

Can I cancel an application already submitted to the client?

Yes, you can! But we would be grateful if you let us know why.

For Hiring Companies

Why referral is the best way to find talent?

We believe in referrals! Recommendations bring trust to the system. Most hiring nowadays are made through network referrals, whether it comes from a dedicated head hunter, a former colleague, a teacher… all these people have very interesting things to say about the talent they know, why are they good, what are their expectations, why would that person potentially be a good fit for your company.
You are just one click away from the Weesper network community!

How does Weesper ensure the quality of the profiles submitted to us?

First of all, not everyone can be on Weesper. Weesper will conduct a screening process and only selected people, who we think have the right quality with the relevant network, can be referrers on our platform.
We will have a rating system to keep our referrers in check. But if you come across a poor recommendation do tell us! This will have an impact!
But we really think that when one's reputation is at stake, people always try their best ;-)

How much does your service cost?

It is up to you!
Weesper has a very flexible pricing policy. We want to give you an access to a qualitative recruitment service, which could also be accessible to companies with lower hiring budget.
Of course, the more you pay, the more engagement you will get from the Weesperer community.
Our fee ranges from 5% to 30% of the annual salary of your hire!
Please refer to our pricing policy for more details or feel free to contact us.

How many candidates profiles will I receive?

Not too many! With the referral system, you won’t receive application from serial applicants!!! Only interesting-filtered profiles.
How many exactly? It will also depend on how attractive your offer is ;-)

How long can my job posting stay on Weesper?

At Weesper, we believe recruitment should be effective. The longer the job posting the less effective it will be. Each job is posted on Weesper for a maximum of one month. If you’d like to extend, you can, but we will call you first to discuss and make sure everything is going well.

Is there a guarantee period for my hire on Weesper?

We offer a one-month guarantee period. If the candidate leaves voluntarily or is asked to leave by you within one month from the commencement date, you will be able to post the same job offer on Weesper again. This applies to the original candidate only, and will not take effect should the candidate leave as a result of structural change at your company and/or change in his/her job description/title that is out of his/her control.

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