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Web Designer

$25,000 REWARD Expires in 18 days
Entry-Level UI/UX Design Front-End Illustrator

Sales Consultant (APAC)

$17,550 REWARD Expires in 27 days
Mid-Level Business Development Tech Savvy Fluent English

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People use Weesper to refer others to jobs

As a professional recruiter, I know how frustrating it could be to receive excellent resume not matching with my job openings. I am also meeting a lot of interesting people! Weesper now allows me to refer them for other jobs. I've already tried it... successfully! It's a win-win system!

As a Tech and Education enthusiast, networking a lot in Hong Kong, I enjoy connecting people with diverse opportunities. Referral always works! That's why, I was so happy when I discovered Weesper. Now, I can refer people online through this platform that I trust!

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Hear the "Whispers" of the city

Weesper is a playful twist on the word "whisper". We are bringing the whispers of everyday life to hiring companies.

Weesper’s CEO was managing an IT consulting company, where he hired a vast amount of consultants. Recruitment was a constant source of frustration: job boards were too time-consuming and agencies too expensive, sometimes irrelevant. From the three co-founders' experience in Hong Kong, referrals were by far the most effective channel. Why not digitalize referrals? From the initiative to make referrals accessible to every company, and to build a strong network for them… Weesper was born.

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