Connect great people to great jobs. Get rewarded.

Weesper is a platform that allows you to refer connections, earn cash rewards and make your network happy

It pays to help your friends

Join the Weesper community of referrers to access a wide range of job opportunities, share them to your network and manage your referrals

Make your network happy when you help people finding their new professional opportunity.

Nurture your network

For each candidate you successfully refer you earn big cash money rewards.

Earn generous rewards

Improve your professional reputation in HK and way hiring companies see you.

Build your reputation

Hand-picked referral opportunities

Company hiring for a web designer position.

Web Designer

$25,000 REWARD Expires in 18 days
Entry-Level UI/UX Design Front-End Illustrator
Company hiring for a sales consultant position.

Sales Consultant (APAC)

$17,550 REWARD Expires in 27 days
Mid-Level Business Development Tech Savvy Fluent English

Referring people is simple

viewthe job list

Check the referral opportunities.

sharejob offers

Invite your connections to apply to jobs in HK.

referyour candidates

Refer them for jobs after they applied.


Earn cash money reward when they get hired through your referral.

Get access to new job posts every week

Weespy chatbot. and to big cash money rewards

People use Weesper to refer others to jobs

Marie Huchet referrer on Weesper platform.

As a professional recruiter, I know how frustrating it could be to receive excellent resume not matching with my job openings. I am also meeting a lot of interesting people! Weesper now allows me to refer them for other jobs. I've already tried it... successfully! It's a win-win system!

Vivian Lai Dini referrer on Weesper platform.

As a Tech and Education enthusiast, networking a lot in Hong Kong, I enjoy connecting people with diverse opportunities. Referral always works! That's why, I was so happy when I discovered Weesper. Now, I can refer people online through this platform that I trust!

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Hear the "Whispers" of the city

Weesper is a playful twist on the word "whisper". We are bringing the whispers of everyday life to hiring companies.

Weesper’s CEO was managing an IT consulting company, where he hired a vast amount of consultants. Recruitment was a constant source of frustration: job boards were too time-consuming and agencies too expensive, sometimes irrelevant. From the three co-founders' experience in Hong Kong, referrals were by far the most effective channel. Why not digitalize referrals? From the initiative to make referrals accessible to every company, and to build a strong network for them… Weesper was born.

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